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auto repair in grand rapids michigan


Spaanstra Brothers Automotive, a Grand Rapids-area vehicle repair shop, was launched in 1945, serving West Michigan auto, truck, and fleet owners for more than 70 years.
Through the generations, Spaanstra has maintained a reputation for fair business practices. While owners have changed through the years, each new management team works hard to keep the trust and loyalty of its automotive customers.
The company continues to uphold the original family tradition by conducting business with the highest integrity and honesty in auto repair.


We strive to serve our customers well by providing an honest assessment of their personal needs as well as their auto repair needs. 


Autocare with integrity is our motto. We take that pledge seriously.

Our customers can rely on us, to be honest, truthful and upright about issues with their automobiles, trucks, or vans. We make an accurate assessment of every vehicle that is brought to us for repair – and we charge accordingly. We never suggest services you don’t need.


We don’t take advantage of your dilemma. Our prices are fair. We fix your vehicle in a timely manner. We work with care to correct problems and get you back on the road again.


It is our vision that Spaansta Brothers Automotive is everyone’s Number One choice for honest and accountable auto repair services.


When you think auto repair, we want you to think Spaanstra’s. There are other words and phrases that we would like to pop into your head when you think of us. A few of those keywords include honest, trustworthy, technically skilled, well-trained, superior performance, precision diagnostics and excellence in auto repair service.


We value integrity or honesty in everything from repair estimates to hours on the job. We value passion and hire people with an intense desire to please our customers.


We value accountability and taking responsibility for the highest quality service. We value quality by delivering your vehicle with the best possible results.

We value humility and realize that we always have more to learn about auto repair. We value leadership and always learn new auto models and new repair techniques.

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