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9,000 Mile Auto Service Recommendation 

*  Service life for some items and fluids vary by vehicle make and model, please call for your vehicles specific maintenance schedule.

(Repeat this service again at 18,000, 27,000, 36,000,

45,000, 54,000, 63,000, 72,000, 81,000)

  • Change engine oil

  • Change engine oil filter

  • Lubricate chassis

  • Inspect brake linings for wear

  • Inspect all fluid levels are correct as required

  • Inspect all belts and hoses

  • Check tire pressure

  • Inspect tires for wear

  • Inspect battery terminals and clean if required

  • Inspect all vacuum hoses, fittings, and connections

  • Inspect undercarriage for any visual damage

  • Inspect wiper blades

  • Check battery performance

  • Check fluid conditions

  • Inspect exhaust system

  • Inspect steering linkage

  • Inspect suspension

  • Inspect air induction system repair/clean as necessary


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